About the Oracle of Wisdom

The Oracle will randomly draw between 1 and 3 phrases or words.
Occasionally a Tarot card will appear.

This Oracle was specially designed to be used in cell phones, better in vertical position, so that via Wi-Fi or Data can be consulted anywhere, since the need for help to make an important decision could come far from the computer, in the street, in a meeting, on a walk, before committing to something unclear, etc.

The program "randomly" draws 1 to 3 answers (out of more than one thousand) which can be words, phrases or a Tarot image, which statistically could appear every 27 draws more or less.

We have put the expression "randomly" in quotes because the idea is that this is not random, but is guided by the Universal Intelligence, according to the needs of the consultant; for which it is essential that his/her mind to be calm during the consultation; otherwise it will not be guided by the Universal Intelligence but simply by chance.


The main characteristic of this Oracle -unlike others- is it’s educative projection at the level of souls, since many of it's answers have, 1- a psychological dimension, 2- a philosophical dimension, 3- a mystic-ethical dimension, pointing towards the Good or inner harmony, and finally, 4- a quantum dimension, in the sense of considering that when the consultant extracts an answer, it is not God who chooses it but the same consultant projects it from his/her "quantum" dimension, which works from the unconscious, from the most recondite beliefs and convictions of the consultant.

To better understand the strange world of the quantum ideas -about which, Mr Einstein was not completely convinced, nevertheless they proved to be scientifically correct-, we recommend learning about the mysteries of the mind from the perspective of quantum physics, which considers the mind as the creator of our reality.

From this perspective, it is generally assumed that the answers of any oracle correspond to the (unconscious) ideas of the person consulting, and especially of their emotional or mental state at the time of consultation, because if we are in a negative mood, that means that we have closed ourselves to the positive aspects of life, and in that case the answers of the oracle will correspond to our negativity of the moment, meaning that if we continue in that state it will not go well with us. That is why any query to any oracle requires that the consultant to relax and calm down beforehand, so that the answers do not come from his disordered mind but from a higher or deep dimension of himself.


The real wisdom is not indirect or complex but clear and direct, but uses a "language" consisting of symbols, analogies and synchronicities. "Broom" for example is a symbol that could mean that the consultant should "clean" some situation in his/her life, and that situation could be better understood depending on the other words or phrases. That is analogy.

Synchronicity consists of two elements or situations related to each other that occur at the same moment. For example, you were thinking about Monica and Monica appears, or someone says Monica on the radio, etc. So take note, something important the Universe tries to tell you about Monica.

The human being has, potentially, a natural instinct to understand these things, although the exaggerated rationalism of modern life obstruct and atrophy such instinct; but possessing it, even if it is a little stunted for lack of proper use, would indicate that the "Engineering Plan" that created us considers that it would be useful for us to learn that "language", maybe because it is the one that the Creator of "the program" uses? ... So it would be good to go practicing that elevated language called "symbology, analogy and synchronicity" , which is the one the shamans, sorcerers, witches, magicians, wizards, clairvoyants, etc. use to better understand the things of life.

Some are walking on the street, if they are approached by a black paper dragged by the breeze, or a black cat ... Dangeeeer! But if it is of another color, everything is fine. Remains of an almost extinct knowledge or instinct system? For some people to believe these things is only ignorance and superstition; we are less arrogant, we do not disqualify anything without having concrete evidence, so one consults the Oracle only when there are very important questions to ask; because we also know that taking these things to an extreme is not good, no abuse is good in no field, and even less on this kind of things. It could be said that it is God, the inner God, who is being asked when we ask something, but God, or the Divine Love, or the Universe, or the All, surely they do not get to understand the questions of unclear minds; that is why inconsistencies sometimes appear in the results.

Because of this, all peoples, in all periods, have had "specialized people" in these things; they are responsible for interpreting the "signs", ie the Language of the Universe, respecting its rules, and all those special men and women have been very clear that the art of interpreting signs is a sacred art, and therefore they have respected it properly, as it should be done also with this Oracle, because God is also in technology; more, He created electricity, quantum physics and everything that makes this "film" that we are witnessing at this moment, observing a strange screen, is possible.

Some appreciate it; others do not even realize they are alive...

For the responses of the Oracle we have chosen the days of the week, the months, some colors, some kinships, common words, philosophical or spiritual phrases selected from a variety of sources, etc., in addition to the Major Arcana of the Tarot, their image appear along with a short explanation, as they appear right or upside-down. When the Oracle is going to draw a Tarot card, the system cancels the other possible answers because it is considered that Tarot card alone has a great importance.

If we do not let our restless mind interfere during the consultation, the answers that appear will be suggested from the Universal Intelligence, a higher dimension that connect our superior wisdom, which is much more aware than we are at this precise moment, and in all, and that penetrates all events, those events we don't pay them due attention nor we pay attention to the symbols, analogies and synchronicities that are presented to us in life.


Prepare a question very seriously to the Universe, or to God, as you feel more authentic.

Write it on the form or do it mentally.

Then consult the Oracle, concentrate on the answers and try to see the relationship of them with your question.

After consulting the Oracle, clicking on "Ask again", the initial menu reappears for the visitor to make another query, there are no consultation limits, although it should be enough once for each question; first, because "to a good listener few words", and second because we should not be abused the patience of "the gods" ... (some people mean that those are entities or beings of Light that come into contact with the mind when it is calm, to help to connect with the Universal Intelligence, with God.)

There are different forms of interpretation, but we can say that if a word is repeated, it's meaning is very important for you, take note. Similarly, a Tarot card is very important, so take note too. If a single answer appears and not two or three or a Tarot card, that also means that that single answer is important to you.

For very important questions, and since the memory is fragile, it is essential to keep the answer along with the question and the date, or else we will tend to forget the matter and ask it again later, without remembering the previous answers; this would demonstrate lack of seriousness regarding these things.

To save the consultation in a computer you can copy the screen sector that corresponds and save it. Copy the text by selecting it with the mouse or mouse and paste it in some text file, in an email, send it to yourself or wherever you want; keep that file so that later you remember what you had asked about that topic and what had been answered.

In a cell phone or tablet you can capture the screen with the answer, and in your section of images you can create new albums dedicated to people, projects, etc.


1) Do not use this for nonsense. Do not abuse.

2) Calm, relax and put yourself in a state of inner elevation when making the question and invoke the protection of what is most sacred to you before doing it (to avoid negative energies coming from the negative side of your own mind, could influence the process).

3) Focus on the answers and look for the relationship with your question. The first image that comes to mind before each word is usually a good guide.
In general, "forced interpretations" so that they adapt to preconceived ideas of the consultant, should be avoided. Example:
“The word ‘negative’ came out, so the Oracle meant that there is no problem!”
Well, no, “negative” means “no” or “not recommended” or “that is not convenient”, etc.

4) Do not put the Oracle in "stress situations" ... asking different alternatives in the same query, example:
"Do I marry Jane or Monica?" ...
It would be appropriate to ask first what would happen if he married Jane, take note, and then ask what would happen if he married Monica, take note and compare both answers.

Being precise to consult is very important, and depends on the clarity that is in the mind of the consultant.
Someone might say that some consult the oracles precisely because they have no clarity in their minds, but when the water is cloudy, the bottom cannot be seen, so you should start by calming the mind, and if that is not possible, then leave it for later because this is a very delicate matter, it requires positive conditions when doing the consultation, just as any delicate undertaking requires calm and analysis.

5) It is important not to forget those answers, the memory is fragile, therefore, file each important question so that you remember what you had been told before about the same thing you want to ask..., again.
Although this can, and should be done after a while, when the psychological and, therefore, 'quantum' conditions of the consultant, have changed.