About Enrique Barrios

Enrique Barrios is a Chilean-Venezuelan writer who defines himself as a "citizen of planet Earth".

He was an inveterate traveler, spent his childhood in Venezuela and his adolescence mostly in Chile, but traveling many times between both places; he has also lived for long periods in France and the USA.

After twelve years in Argentina and eight in Brasil, he has lived in Spain since 2000-2005 and now from 2014 to the present.

He has made a complete turn around the world and now considers that it's enough of tourism for him for this encarnation. He prefers to take a look at the hidden possibilities within himself and each one.

He is retired from public activities. He is not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network.

The books of "Omi" ("Ami" in Spanish) have the rare virtue of having been supported from two normally distant or opposite terrains, the academic and the spiritual.

From the first, Declaration of Didactic Material of the Omi's books by the Ministry of Education of Chile, among other recognitions of different educational organisms of several countries. The author was also Awarded by the Psychoanalytic Association of Argentina for "The Wonderful World of Magic".

From the second field, two blessings from Pope John Paul II (For Omi 1 and 2. Number three was written after he passed away), in spite of the fact that "Omi" presents a spiritual philosophy without dogmas, simply based on Love, coinciding with the proposal of that remembered Pope, to create the "Civilization of Love".

The author's works have been translated into a dozen languages so far.

He has never presented any of his books to any literary contest because he considers his work more close to psychology and sacred books, than literature itself.